Friday, December 27, 2013

Ignorance or Learning

There is a verse of Yajurveda which says about Ignorance (avidya) as well as Learning (Vidya) is written as follows:

Andhantamah pravishanti ye avidya mupaste
Tato bhuya iva te tamo ya u vidyaya gvam ratah. Yaj. 40. 13

The persons who pray the ignorance (avidya) only, moves towards darkness or take next birth to the planets where true knowledge as well as light of sun both are very less. And who pray the knowledge (vidya) only, moves towards  deeper darkness where they get great sorrows. Vidya, knowledge means material science, philosophy, science of soul, science of God and science of Nature rules. Avidya means ignorance and especially Karm(work) as well as  Upasna(devotion) is called avidya because these names belongs to action not to knowledge.

So the prayer of knowledge or ignorance must be balanced as defined in following Vedic Verse:

Vidyam chavidyam cha yastadvedobhaya gvam sah
Avidyayam mrityum teertva vidyaya amritmashnute. Yaj. 40.14

With the help of Karm as well as Upasna (Ignorance) we move over the death means win the death or become able to know the secrets of after death. And with the help of Knowledge we get the nectar or attain salvation.

(From Satyartha Prakash by Swami Dayananad: Samullas - 9)

By Anubhav Sharma Bhavanand