Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kaga Krishna Rishi

Education of Hanuman by Kaga Rishi

Once when Hanuman started studying prans (life winds) of his body, he reached to the door of Kakbhushund Ji and said, “Maharaj! Give me education.” Kakbhushund Ji knew this learning. He knew flying in the sky too. In the earth, on the sea he knew his motion. What a great scientist Kakbhushund Ji was! When his life recalls to me, my heart fills with pleasure. I use to say that all should become like Kakbhushund ji who had his reach and motion in space. On combining Udaan praan and Naag praan and then to krikal, Devdutt and Udaan, they must make a flight of space. Kakbhushund was of this type. The same act Hanuman Ji got from the door of the Rishi.

Observer of that learning Hanumanji used to make his body stretched and compressed. As a yogi, hermit uses to see the whole universe in his subconscious, accept mind (thinking power) and vital air within him, views the creation of mind and vital air, similarly a yogi uses to make his body too minimized. Giving his bones to praan (vital air), mind contracting his body and to move to the mouth of Sursa and coming from there, is because of the vital air even. This one is contraction act, knowing to which is surprising to a human being. Because of not having study a human being criticized it severally.

Anubhav Sharma ‘Bhavanand’

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