Friday, December 30, 2011

Penance of Pregnant Kaushalya 9 : Divya Ram Katha Part 42

Mother Arundhati said, "Prabu! This moon is giving light with which face?" He replied, "Devi! This moon makes the nectar, and giving the nectar to the earth, one takes it, thinks where it has the relation? This question is very thoughtful. Devi! Moon is giving light which meets the oceans. Water is uplifted from the oceans. Water is being made nectar. This nectar moves to farming. That one nectar See the baby like us when exists in mother's womb, moves there. O Devi! This moon making oblation material netar, after converting to the sound of 'Swaaha' and sound if comes to the door of human being by which his life nourishes." Rishi says, "Devi!You have known it. Devi! 'Aagatyam Brahmaah' Suppose this moon has the contact with night. What is the decoration of night? Decoration of night is darkness. The moon takes away the darkness with him. And that one is the moon who has the contact with nectar. The relation, from where he takes the help for it? He takes from the sun. And the sun is important, warming this moon with its rays. Giving it light. But because of coldness, this light is cold. Aha god! To explain your grandeur, I came here to recite. O God! You are infinite. Your creation is the most peculiar 'Vichitram Brahmah' very great." See Rishi said Devi like it, "O Devi! you have known nectar Moon is attached to Sun. Sun is attached to Aditi, Aditi is attached to Aditya and relation of Aditya is with Aditis which is called Mahatatva (grand element). O Devi! what a peculiar penance it is! It can not be called as Aditi. Of aditi suppose in the form of grand element, of aditi 'Rupaam Brahmeh' and the form of Aditi is attached to Gandharvas. And the solar system leads Gandharvas. Children a lot of genius (pratibha) is considered in solar system. Children! That genius is moving, commanding in greatness. Thought arises Children! Rishi explained and cleared glands of different types. And with explanation calling ownness himself. Rishi recited Vedic verses and said, "O Devi! See by taking help of one another this world is looked threaded to one another."

To be continued....


Anubhav Sharma

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