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Characters of Ramayana & Mahabharata

In modern age which literature is seen are corrupted in the periods of Buddhists and Jainis. Muslim-period in which Mohammad was taken as ideal, the characters were made fallen. Several comments were passed on them. Before Buddhists and Jainis there was a period of Vam Margis and those were reigning here. Their flag was fluttering here. To which eighteen Mythologies are called were made here then. Our ancient literature, deep and brief methods of our Rishis and Munis, customs of Kings, after leaving them, Vam Margis started the customs of eating meat and giving offerings of meat in Yajna. Suppose in Gaumedh Yag, giving offering of the meat of cow, giving offerings of meat of goat in Ajamedh Yag, giving offerings of meat of horse in Ashwamedh Yag and giving offerings of meat of Man in Dev Yag; This type of customs started in which, for eating meat, for the sake of tongue-pleasure, to corrupt the religion and human beings, this was performed. When today I move towards the field of Vam Marg a fallacy is occurred. There were very highly learned scholars here. But because of greed of money they moved towards bad customs. They destroyed the characters of Ram's literature and made false the characters of Mahabhaarat too. 
Of the period of Mahabharat peculiar incidents related to Draupadi, Pitamah Bhishm, Gandhaari, Pandav-sons and Dhritrashtra-sons were accustomed. Impurities were mingled to these characters. Approximately four thousands years ago since today there was a Brahmin named as 'Chetaang' and other 'Ramashanker', Jain society as well as Buddha society gave them wealth to corrupt the characters of our literature. Characters of Mahaabharata were made corrupted by them. 
In the same period there was a Brahmin 'Renketu' and another 'Swati' these two made the characters of Ramayana corrupted. Similarly on different diffeerent occasions by several other projects the literature was attempted to be corrupt.

(Br. Krishna Dutt Ji in Trance, Shringi Rishi soul of Treta Yug, 27 Oct. 1973)

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Anubhav Sharma

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