Friday, December 23, 2011

Penance of Pregnant Kaushalya 4 : DRK Part 37

She said, "Prabhu! But I am determined and determination is holy even. Because you are a king because of your determination and Prabhu! You are being uplifted in the system of nation. So this whole universe, this whole is 'Jagat Sankalpam Bravheh' this is called because of determination (sankalp). O Prabhu! See the performer of Yajna (Yajmaan) is present in the place of Yajna, then he takes the determination of performing Yajna. He says to his wife, 'O Devi! Come. We determine that we shall become performer of Yag.' So suppose they determine. 'Yagaam Pravhe'. They declare their 'day routine'. So they are deterministic. When husband and wife married, this is also determination. And because of determination our life starts and our life ends. Then what is that? Only determination. Bhagwan! My 'Amritaam Sankalp Drishyaa.'

Dashrath said, "O Devi! I can not defeat your explanation by an explanation. Suppose I do request to take the food." Devi exclaimed, "Prabhu! I will not take the food because I have given honorarium to Acharyaas in Yag. And honorarium is attached with heart and given by heart." The king thought that "This is 'akritaa'. This devi shall not accept my statements. Today I shall move to the cottage of Mahaatma Vashishtha and Mother Arundhati. They both can feed her with the food."

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Anubhav Sharma

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