Friday, December 2, 2011

Mahaatma Nanak

Mahaatma Nanak

What a great statement Mahaatma Nanak pronounced! If a spot of blood drops on a cloth then  how much the action of the water for its cure? With the help of several tricks it is not possible to remove it. Now when it flows inside heart or sub conscience of a human, is it not true that blood will mark the heart as well as sub conscience? He too may be destroyed in a particular time.

Mahaatma Nanak made the human resources uplifted. He gave an echo to his dear pupils to protect religion. "Either your hairs leave you or don't leave, religion must be protected. At present I am giving you the  education of protecting religion." Mahaatma Nanak's followers protected the religion. When the body of brave Banda Bairagi was being snatched by Yavans, he was being pleased and why it was so? Because he was completing the orders of Mahaatma Nanak that he was destroying his body for the sake of religion. So he had no anxiety and sorrow. Hey! This was the great significance of those sages. We should follow their path so that our humanism will be grand. And our life may be uplifted.

Today I am not here to express specific monologues. Only, I am here to pronounce to Gurudev that there were several scholars born here. See Mahaatma (Guru) Govind Singh were born here whose ideals was very high. Both of his sons were buried alive in a wall by Yavans. What will be there with the modern nations who are running too much with selfishness. Surely there shall be a time when it shall work as poison for you. What is this selfishness?  You have gained the nature of killing and destroying others. Separate this feeling from your heart.

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Anubhav Sharma

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