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Putreshti Yag 2 : DRK Part - 29

.....Continued (To get the Yag Performed having called Shringi Rishi

Putreshti Yag was performed at the place of King Dashrath and after bringing a medicine 'Gudakesham' and 'Sudhanketu' and 'Mareechika', making its paste in a motrar, and with cow butter and cow milk in the fire of alter when that in flame of oblation materials when 'Annaam Bhutam' boiled with rice, it becomes a medicine. When it was given to mothers, then impure glands of their uterus, when set free with diseases, became able to have the foetus made.

Firstly King Dashrath was cured. Why he became 'Akrit' (A man who is not able to get baby)? Because human being has nine holes. And all those doors have deities (gods). To purify those gods, there are even nine type of medicines in Ayurveda. These medicines must be known. One of our eye has 'Jamadagni', other has 'Vishwamitra'. Outer part of one ear has 'Bharadwaj', outer part of one nose has 'Ashwanikumar'. To purify them we will have to know those herbs. Because name of herbs are same as the names of its gods.

In Putreshti Yag there is a wood as 'Aak', a wood of 'Shamee', 'Jatamaasi', 'Trikaat', 'Chandan', 'Anubhoot Chandan' too.There is a tree named as 'Sombhuk', a wood as 'Anikrit'. Similarly approximately ten types of woods are there. Now it is arranged how to use these 'Samidha' in the Yag. As my lively god (supreme power) has made vagina of mother, alter must be made with the same shape. Similarly we need to know a lot. I have the suspicion a lot how should I know the world. Because Ayurveda is too vast a science, a lot of lives are used to know it. I got the luck to cure it. I made a row of those three queens. At that time I did not know how a daughter be. According to the principles of Ayurveda "Show me your Vagina till when I will not know the shape of Vagina, I will not be able to make the alter" This one became the subject of shyness. But Maharishi Vashshtha knew these subjects. After that those daughters showed me their Vaginas. A scholar of Ayurveda do not have any allegation(doshaaropan) for it. So I knew their vaginas. Three types of alters were made. In a particular alter three gestures were being made.

(A speech by Br. Krishna Dutt Ji in Trance)

To be continued....

Anubhav Sharma

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