Thursday, December 22, 2011

Penance of Pregnant Kaushalya 3 : DRK Part 36

And she says, "'Katmo SambhavahPrahve Katmoasi' O soul! From where you came? O soul! Who are you?" Suppose she takes the self introduction from the soul. Children! Mahaatma Shringi told this to her. After it she said, "Thanks Prabhu!" She practice it for fifteen days. The food she took with fruits and flowers. After fifteen days she returned to her palace.

Anxious Dashrath from resignation of national food:

When she came to home, after some time, it was known to the king that Kaushalya Ji was not taking food of the nation. See once the king went to Kaushalya's room and he said, "O Devi! I have heard it you are not taking national food." She replied, "Yes Prabhu! I am not taking." He asked, "Why are you not taking?" She replied, "The food of nation, it is mingled with Rajogun (feeling of prosperity and discipline) and Tamogun (feeling of birth and death and ignorance). Because national food is not holy. So I can not take it. My pujyapaad Gurudev to whom I have given the honorarium, for food, he had described me, that once Shringi Rishi reached to Maharaja Ashwapati with some of his Brahmcharis (celibacy observers) and he did not take the food of Maharaja Ashwapati. So O Prabhu! I too have this desire. I have a big desire that I do not want to take food of nation. Because I wish it, which baby is flourishing in my uterus, deities are protecting him. So O Prabhu! My self conscience says it that I must not get the food of nation." See the king, "Devi! This will become a great loss. Because not to take food of nation of a king, it is a misfortune of nation."

To be continued....

Anubhav Sharma

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