Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Penance of Pregnant Kaushalya 8 : Divya Ram Katha Part 41

Maharishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj and Mother Arundhati were doing this peculiar discussion. That one house is holy where husband and wife after children! They use to look at nature at night, use to look at the world of the god. As the discussions of Mother Arundhati and Vashishtha Muni Maharaj are being remembered to me. Their scope, their wisdom are being remembered. King Dashrath sat their silently. But Mata Arundhati said, "Prabhu Thanks. You have enlightened my life that is a great light. Bhagwan!" Maharaj Vashsishtha said to Mata Arundhati, "This world is not so full of happiness, this world of god is infinite. I will not be able to measure it." Mata Arundhati said, "Prabhu! You can not measure but what you described me is very peculiar. O Prabhu! I am obliged to you." He said, "No, This world of god is infinite. No one can be obliged of anyone. Nothing is happiness of anyone. This knowledge and science of god is always new. To which atom today found out in Treta Yug, can be found out in Kalyug and which is found out in Kalyug can be found out in Satyug too. Because knowledge and science of god is always use to be new. Oldness never enters to it." After this pronunciation Mata Arundhati became silent.

To be continued....

Anubhav Sharma

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