Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Part -3

Continued.... Maharishi Dayananad

What a great efforts Dayanand made in his life but the contractors of religion made efforts to kill him by giving him poison. But he was a great dignity, he could not become fused with wealth. As in the life of Krishna there was no mingling with wealth, in the life of Mahaatma Dayanand there was no mingling of bad customs. Customs of goodwill remained safe. Because Rishism and scholasticism has been whose own authority since childhood that one can make the world a little uplifted. I (Mahanand Ji) remember that the soul of Mahaatma Dayanand had high thoughts mingled with scholastic approach since many births. Having reached here he called the Yavans with loud voice and to the leaders of west he pronounced with loud voice. Peoples of his nation were asked, "Where are you going? Make your own society today. Make a medium of your development. Because of cast system, this brahminism (Brahmin Vaad) is accustomed; Destroy this cast system which was made after Mahabharata. Because of being Yogic wisdom with him, as sun is full of light, his life is enlightened in the hearts of peoples. and definitely it will be in future. How much respect I continued to have, it knows my heart. His great soul was mingled how much with charm, purity, humanism and Rishism; he disclosed the principles since Adi Brhma till Jaimini Muni. His heart had the key of those principles. His heart used to call, "Accept, follow Vedas." The society tried to accept it. The revolution too came. His great actions made an effort too. But in modern age his followers are leaded by arguments and criticism. Where conversation must be done they became critic. Where casticism was to be destroyed, they are skillful in casticism. Where the doctrine of Dayanand says this one is told by Manu's doctrine too, that casticism must not exist. What is casticism? Humanism must be here. How is it possible for the non existence of casticism? Where here will be Brahmins and of which type? They must be full of penance and devotee. These types of Brahmins, moving to upper society of every house, should say, "You will have to change yourself at present, if not then a great revolution is to be arisen near human beings. Followers of Dayanand accepted argumentism. They left his Yogic statements. So the soul of Dayanand too is being perplexed in the space for what their followers doing? The holy soul of Shankaracharya too is being perplexed.

(12 March, 1962; Sermons of Pujyapaad Br. Krishna dutt ji in trance)

To be continued....

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Anubhav Sharma

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