Friday, December 9, 2011

Make Literature and Character Pious

O Brahmins! come. Make your organs pure. If Brahmins of recent period make their organs pure, the literature may become pure else the literature as well as Aryanism (Aryatva) of which society is being down and down (fallen), what is at the door of that one? At the time of Mahabhaarata, after the time of Pareekshit, this ignorance took place. That Vam Marg came in which all were keen to destroy religion and Vedicism (Vedic ta). The time was fallen till too much extent that the translators of Vedas had the fault of eating meat. Where the Vedas has no hymn, no word of where the nature of eating meat of human being is made. 
Where Ayurveda is concerned, that is different matter. Now we have to think, we should think the cause by which customs, our literature's characters have been made impure. By taking those impure characters, modern critics, after destroying literature, getting their designations. When characters of literature become unholy, the ignorant people become critics. They moving in infidelity (atheism), seeing the characters in corruption, get the degrees (designations). At present we have to bring their pure forms. We should always attempt to bring the pure formed genius.

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Anubhav Sharma


  1. Literature is the product of thoughts (Vichar and vichar dhara); Vichardhara is based on your Achaar, based on your feelings ( bhavana and emotions etc.); so, it depends who has been producing, reading, analysing , synthesizing and criticizing it? It does not matter in present times and circumstances whether brahmins are doing it or any body else doing it competently.Certainly our original vedic thoughts created by Pandits/yogis/Rishis/Gurus and most leaned people are getting polluted by those who do not understand even the basics of our philosophy.

  2. Thanx Sir! For explaining the term Literature. But now a days Brahmins are adorable. Actually the common people dont want to perform Yajnas because the character of Brahmins are not so good as it should be. Brahmin Jaati (Caste) took place in place of Brahmin Varna. That is why Brahmins are needed to be awakened. Thnx again.