Saturday, December 10, 2011

Putreshti Yag 3 : DRK Part - 30

I wrote several books related to this subject of Putreshti Yag. A single part of it had one thousands of pages each. In fact it is very vast a science. I could not get those books now. The statement was the three queens of Dashrath were cured. They made their stay as the floor observing celibacy for one year. Five parts of Peepal (Fig) and Eight parts (Ashtaang) were given to them. Adhudhut and sinvani, Anchaari, Nidhinashcha, Adhuroti, Swarnanu, Anaat - taking all these in equal quantity 'Somrus'(Liquid of immortality) was made. Giving it for forty days, uterus of mother became pious. So, by thinking on every herb, and then by curing, the Putreshti Yag was fininshed.

Putreshti Yag was performed at the place of Dashrath. Maharishi Vetti Angira Muni Maharaj were present in that Yag. Maharishi Shringi performed that yag with completeness. After finishing that yag as an introduction the Acharyas delivered the sermons, " 'Brahm Vracho Sambhavat Brahm Kritasa' O Rajan! You think yourself threaded in brahm (Supreme Power), because meaning of celibacy means thread himself to the god." By taking several oblation materials, with the help of Shringi Rishi, a paste is made, then Angira Muni gave that paste to the queens.

To be continued...
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Anubhav Sharma

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