Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Putreshti Yag 6 : DRK Part 33

Rishi said, "O Divya! We do not need the offering of wealth. To us give the offering that now the nation is moving down and down. Idleness and inaccuracy is being strong. Raghu dynasty and the kingdom of king Raghu, eminent system of Dileep became a little bit low." Mother Kaushalya said, "Pujyapaad! Rishivar! Describe what ever you want."  He said, "Your uterus must born a baby who must pass his life in penance and resignation." Mother Kaushalya accepted it and said, "Bhagwan! I shall pass my life in penance. I shall not accept the food of nation." She determined it. That period is remembering to me how he determined and lived in her house.

Mata Kaushalya started collecting the food herself. To do some work she started. When she took that food, she got great waves in her brain.

Next : Penance of pregnant Kaushalya

Anubhav Sharma

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