Saturday, December 24, 2011

Penance of Pregnant Kaushalya 6 : Divya Ram Katha Part 39

She said, "Prabhu! What this sage can do?" He replied, "O Devi! One who is holy in penance of behavior, this planet of him, this earth he wins. As his nature becomes great in mind-speech and actions. He uses to be clean with his mind. And as he uses to be holy, clean with mind-actions, what he fancies 'Manam Brahme' from mind, who uses to be fancy these worldly pleasure, subjects, he uses to do conversation with wises. Makes himself polite and after being polite, suppose this earth, he wins. Becomes a driver. And the waves (streams) which mind-speech-action make holy, when they awakes, he uses to know well inner reactions of the world. And after knowing it O Children! makes the ring of planets and he becomes scientist. He uses to view science in every bit. Then it becomes his another 'Tapasyaam Brahve' and when knows soul,god and nature then he says, "Who am I?" He says "I am a soul." He says "This is god who is commanding me." And further he says, "In whose cart I am present, this nature formed cart, in which I exist, who is mastering me, giving me motion, that is god himself and being present in cosmos of nature I am travelling in different planets."

My dears! See Rishi Vashishtha told, "O Devi! In different types of waves, streams, the human being be busy, that one is present in the form of contuinity (anhat)." Vashsishtha Muni said, "Once O Devi! I went to the cottage of Brahma. Brahma Ji was doing penance. I said to him, "Prabhu! What are you doing this one?" He replied, "I am making the system of grammar." When Rishi said it 'I am constructing the system of grammar', then I asked, "Prabhu! How are you doing it?" Then see the gamut (music) of solitary (Ekaant) praan (Vital air) is there, which gamut of praan in apaan, gamut of apaan in samaan, gamut of samaan in Udaan, and the gamut enters to Vyaan. Then there starts the sound Rishi-Munis say the sound of 'Anhat'.

To be continued....

Anubhav Sharma

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