Friday, December 23, 2011

Penance of Pregnant Kaushalya 5 : DRK Part 38

Dashrath in the Ashram of Rishi Vashishtha

At the time of evening he depart for the Ashram and while reached to the Ashram of Mahaatma Vashishtha, it became night there. Mata Arundhati and  Vashishtha Muni Maharaj were making discussion. They would talk about sages. See those husband-wives become great who when night spreads, moon becomes full of all faces or from the day of first face (paratipadaa) 'Madhyam Bravhe', when in the evening when they stay, they should talk about great persons that 'that one sage is what a great! and we are too much low.' See we should talk about our own description. 

Mata Arundhati and Maharaj Vashishtha see they sat in a solitary place and they made a conversation. On eighth day see 'Ashtam Brahve' that time see that one day was of ashtmi (eighth day of Hindi Month). On the day of ashtmi they started conversing then. She told, "Prabhu! This moon of half shape. How it is giving light. No other is there in comparison to it." Mahaatma Vashishtha said, " O Arundhati! This one moon which is giving light itself, if thousands of moons gives light with one another then our penance will be more enlighted then that light and that light may be called negligible." He said, "Tapaam Brahmane Devaam." Mother Arundhati said, "Prabhu! What is penance? For what you are talking about? Please give me its decision." He said, "Devi! penance is that one when mind-speech-action all are same as custom means it becomes the penance of his behavior. Further to know the forms of soul, supreme power and nature, it becomes the metal contemplation, metal penance and O Devi! When soul starts talking to god it is self penance. See it's name is penance."

To be continued....

Anubhav Sharma

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