Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Penance of Pregnant Kaushalya : DRK Part 34

National food resignation of Kaushalya

This was the rule of Kaushalya that she would do some work and that, which brought in replacement of that work, she used to take. She had determined that she did not want to take food of nation. Because after reaching this nation 'I can give birth to an uplifted child only when my mental nature will be active, diligent, laborious, great and pious and the nature of food will be high. Because food makes the nature of mind (Thinking power).' After some period Adhi Rishi performed Putreshti Yag. After the Putreshti Yag mother Kaushalya became pregnant. After pregnancy this was the rule of Kaushalya she used to do labour and by it which wealth came, she remained satisfied by that one.
When this notion came to Kaushalya's heart that 'I would like to give birth to that child who must be great then Mata Kaushalya would bring 'Somlata' from dense forests and would take it as food. She would make its paste in 'Anima'. While making the paste with mortar, her vein of heart named as 'Pureetat' which has contact with the baby of uterus, its waves moved to the 'Pureetat' vein of baby, and its contact while becomes with brain, the heart became impenetrable (agamya). That mother used to feel peculiarly herself. The baby in her heart used to get great holiness.

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Anubhav Sharma

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