Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Penance of Pregnant Kaushalya 7 : Divya Ram Katha Part 40

Which sound is being produced in brain , as a wave of different planets overflowing with another, another waves such as waves of moon, overflow with sun, those suppose 'Amritaam Brahmane Vrittah' they enter to different starts/planets. By overflowing with each other this universe becomes voice acceptor. It is echoed. Similarly the great hermits, great Rishis who want to know the system of grammar in vowel-voices in it, 'Sambhavah Pravahah Brahm' are echoed itself. And how are they echoed? They get the 'Anhat' (Sound of continuity), the gamut accepted. My dears! See the subject of sense/working organs, enters to mind. The subject of mind enters to vital air (praan). Subject of praanaas, being concentrated with mind and praan together, a sound is produced. Before it a sound is produced which is called 'Anhat'. By its sound, formulas/rules are made. This one dance is there. As o sages! Sati told maharaja Shiv "Maharaj 'Amritam' Tandav dance must be performed." It is called for Shiv that he is performing Tandav-dance. Children! he conflict of Param Pita Parmaatma (God), the nature of god, that one is the dance with the gamut. After the Tandav, from it the tune who is accepting , By that the alphabets were made, and the way of pronunciation are made. After this construction, in the uterus of Vedas, which one is present it changes to compulsation. After being in compulsation, starts producing sound of its qualities. In childhood, I used to study this in the Gurukuls.

To be continued....

Anubhav Sharma

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