Saturday, December 3, 2011

Maharishi Dayanand

Maharishi Dayananad

Bhagwan after that, even hundred years not passed yet, when an Acharya named as Dayanand born here. When he saw this word like it, what did he act? Gurudev! I do have experienced it that Maharishi Atuti (Maharishi Shameek Muni Maharaj) of Dwapar Age took birth in the form of Maharishi Dayanand. The world was continued to be down and down. He left the prosperity of his parents. As Shankaracharya followed and considered the statements of ancient great Rishis and scholars, Dayanand delivered the knowledge in the world. He reached in front of several idolaters, made conference and defeated them. As Shankaracharya bore a lot of problems and faced several ill incidents, Dayanand too faced the same. Because of being a Rishi from his pre-birth, to uplift the world, to follow the rules of the god, he came here in this Bhaarat(India). While wandering on several mountains and hills he searched the learning of Vedas. Where ever he found the Vedic Learning, taking that he delivered it. He observed the statements of Shastras (scriptures) to which our Jaimini Muni, Guru Brahma etc. observed. Similar to the doctrine and philosophy of Shankaracharya, observing the same he re-delivered it. The human beings who could not understand, let them not understand. But he is considered as a very high scholar of the learning of Vedas.

To be continued....

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Anubhav Sharma

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