Sunday, December 4, 2011

Maharishi Dayanand Part - 2

....Continued (Maharishi Dayanand)

Bhagwan! In modern age he has got the designation of Maharishi. Because in modern age, too much great person when comes, returns back after giving something to the world. In the principle of Acharya Dayanand there exists a very high statement to which everyone should accept. See this learning of Vedas a little bit disappeared. Some collections (codes) could not be found out. These are not dictated. This is supposed a little that Acharya Dayananand has fixed books of all four Vedas. But when all the collections (samhitaas) were not available. It was not possible to dictate all codes of Vedas by that helpless. Whatever knowledge he had dictated, as Guruji (Br. Krishn Dutt Ji) has the learning just like an ocean, similar his learning too was an ocean because he was a rishi 'Atuti' in his past birth. That one soul came here and took birth for benediction, welfare of the world.

O Gurudev! It was the age of Kalyug, the person who were follower of Eisa, who were reigning here, to them and with Yavans, he performed conferences. Bhagwan! his learning is spreaded and alive till now. But his followers are not understanding his learning well and sending him to darkness(ignorance). So O Bhagwan! This much is the description of world, this darkness is continued to move to the world.

Having reached here, the western persons when started reigning here, an Acharya named Dayanand came here. Mahaatma Dayanand spoke only one statement briefly, "Since Aadi Brahma, till Jaimini, whatever your culture was, when you all move to that much, in sense of culture, customs and principles, your nation will get the peace, you will become a great nationalist else your life will become defiled and destroyed similar to your recent position."

To be continued....

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