Monday, December 12, 2011

Putreshti Yag 4 : DRK Part - 31

Offering of the Yajna

When Putreshti Yag was performed at the place of Dashratha, a lot of gods (hermits/sages/rishis etc), prudent peoples came there. But when Yag was finished, after the end of Yag, the context of Honorarium occured there. The king according to his power offered cows and coins. But in the heart of Mother Kaushalya a desire arose that she also should give some cows as offerings to the Brahmins and prudents. When she started offering at that time Rishis said, "O Devi! We do not need coins from you." She asked, "O Maharaj! What do you need then?" They replied, "We need firm determination (sankalp). It seems to us that anarchy has been occurred now. It needs great persons to end this anarchy, lawlessness. Today we need great persons. A great person must be there here." Rishi Muni said, "O Devi! We need it, baby from your uterus should be like that whose splendour must be cool like moon and great and he must pour nectar. Who may uplift the nation. Today great persons should be protected."

Mata Kaushalya heared these statements and gave the honorarium. She started adore their thoughts and said, "O Prabhu! When I used to study in school, at that time too, my pujyapaad gurudev would teach me that human being must be independent in his life. A person gets glory by independence. So for being great, I would imagine my thoughts for  a very long period. Today I am imagining. But you are giving me inspiration. I will definitely adore that inspiration. If the time is made powerful, I shall definitely complete it.

To be continued....

Anubhav Sharma

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