Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Maharishi Dayanand Part-4

....Continued (Maharishi Dayanand)

When I start memorising the life of Mahaatma Dayanand, his way of thinking, his celebacy, his penance start memorising, my heart becomes full of pleasure and it seems to me how that great person was full of greatness. He tried to make the real revolution. As a result of it where this nation was below other nations they left it. This one is the result of the revolution of the great persons.

Acharya Dayanand has said that there is no loss of any kind, to accept the truth. Actually there are some persons, followers of him who have not accepted the truth. When they do not accept the truth, then his statements or the rules of him, they have started declining. To accept the accurate as accurate must not need any objection. There are a lot of tasks which are beyond our intellect. Those are not the subject of our intellect. At present make researches, fancy the tasks of beyond your intellect. Perform Yoga, move your soul in front of the God (Supreme Power). By getting that Yoga, make yourself known to the world.

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Anubhav Sharma

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