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Penance of Pregnant Kaushalya 2 : DRK Part 35

Pregnant Kaushalya in the Ashram of Shringi

When soul was present in the uterus of Kaushalya, baby like Ram was present then mother Kaushalya with her mind thought herself, "What should I do?". See there was a Rishi in Gotra Angiras. She reached there to his cottage. "Rishivar! You have performed my Putreshti Yag, now my uterus has got the baby entered what should I do now?" He said that ,"Move to the cottage of Maharishi Shringi and then ask this question from him. I do not know so much in this reference." She asked this question reaching the cottage of Maharishi, then he said, "O Divya! Which type of baby of your uterus you want to make? You eat the food of penance and resignation. Food of resignation and penance is that you cook the food by which thoughts, the food will be there of that one thoughts. Eat it after cooking. Juice of those foods will make the foetus/embryo of your uterus.

Mother Kaushalya said to Shringi, "O Prabhu! It's the third month of baby of my uterus. O Prabhu! Please say something to me, because my brain has been holy by that food. Prabhu! I want to know what should I do now?" He replied, "'Pranaam Kritam', this vital air of you, this 'Pran' you enter to 'Vyan' and enter 'Vyan' to 'Samaam' and while entering 'Samaan' to 'Udaan' you look the sub conscience (chitta mandals) (There are five types of life winds 'Pran', 'Apaan', 'Vyaan', 'Udaan', 'Samaan'). While Viewing chitta mandals, the baby which is flourishing in your uterus, in fourth month you talk to his soul." At that time, all the methods related to it, he gave her. Mother Kaushalya said, "Prabhu! Thanks." 

For fifteen days she knew this vital air learning in that Ashram. Because as a custom of ours vital-air-learning has been very popular. With the help of this learning, in the form of sickness, for destroying sickness, with vital air (Pran), Khechri-Mudra Pranayaam is done, if fire principle is more in body, that fire is put off by that pranaayaam. And if coldness is more, then with support of Surya-Pranayaam, Surya Pranayaam is done. When mother want to do pranayaam herself and wants to talk to the soul of embryo, then O children! Stay at a peaceful, solitary place and with the support of mind and praan, entering praan to udaan, udaan to samaan, while entering samaan to vyaan a mother can talk to the soul of his baby of uterus.

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Anubhav Sharma

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