Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Putreshti Yag 5 : DRK Part - 32

This context of honorarium of ours is considered as custom. Since the beginning of universe till modern age, suppose it is a type of dance, to it we call honorarium. Honorarium is not wealth. Any type of fallacy of performer of Yajna (Yajmaan) or daughter uses to give to Acharya as offerings. When everything is finished, the yag is finished, their characters are made. At that time, for their offerings, all called Rishi. See the king gave wealthful offering of completeness with Rishi.

When turn of Kaushalya Mata came, she said, "O Prabhu! Whatever honorarium you accept from me, I shall give the same. Because relation of offering is with heart. And relation of heart is with faith. And relation of faith is with inner heart. When inner heart is met, the offering arise. O Prabhu! Faith of heart and offerings both are inter connected." "So O Devi! Amritaam bhuh." She said, "Prabhu! whatever offering you need from me, Please say." Maharishi of Angiras Gotra and Maharishi Shringi both are silent. But Devi adored their feet and said, "Prabhu! Please say from your mouth whatever you want as offering." They said, "If you can give offering, we may accept, what ever you want to give." She said, "Bhagwan! What you request from me, I shall give, Please order. Prabhu!" They said, "O Daughter! By which feeling we have completed the oblation material for alter, made the paste of herbs and have given to you, so we need it, there should be a baby from your uterus by whom the nation and society may be greater and holy." She said, "How is it possible?" Maharishi Shringi said, "O daughter! Once I would study at the place of Acharya, I could not memorize. My remembering power became less even in my childhood. Then my Acharya made a paste with some herbs and made a plaster of it and said, 'You use leaves of Google, Breeti and Mrichika trees, and by eating it glands of your brain will be clear. Your food must be pious.' When to me for food is said, I started eating that food. By boiling that in fire and water, I started drinking. As a fundamental filling the stomach and studying I started. When moved to the field to the study, the glands of intellect became starting clear and my life change to penance." Rishi said, "O Daughter! We need it, your uterus should give birth to a child, who may make the nation and society uplifted and no bad custom may remain in the world., Because the customs (Roodhis) of the name of god, may destroy the nation and society." When Rishi described like it, Kaushalya said, "Prabhu! The same I follow."

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Anubhav Sharma

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