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Penance of Pregnant Kaushalya 10 : Divya Ram Katha Part 43

Conversation of husband and wife was being continued. While making conversation, she said, "This science O Prabhu! where this science is contained?" He replied, "This one science is contained in those elements. Suppose this science and from there it gains and after gaining it gains from super elements. Suppose those expansion, motion, downward, upward and contraction in these five genius, this science is contained. It is contained in it and arise from it too.  The vital air of planets, being a chain, being a thread, makes a garland. And be threaded in those garlands. See becomes a deity (devta) and finds the greatness.

Seeing Maharaja Dashrath, he asked, "O Rajan! How did you arrive at this place?" He replied, "Prabhu! I 'Amritaam Brahve' I have reached here in the evening. But I became too much engaged and pleased in your thoughts that I forgot that I came here to Rishi, my own god. Bhagwan! I became silent in your garden became to much engaged in thoughts of mother and father.

Vashishtha said to the King, "Say Bhagwan! Why is your arrival?" He said, "Prabhu! I am in a great misfortune." Vashishtha asked, "What is that calamity?" He replied, "Mother 'Brahmane Vrittam' See, I want that Mother Arundhati and you both reaching to national house pronounce some education to Kaushalya Ji. She does not take the food of nation. Whether he is being hungry or not I could not know." They accepted it and after their daily routine of the morning they, with their vehicle made departure from cottage. While wandering, they reached to national house of Ayodhya. When they came to Ayodhya, the pleasure spreads everywhere.

Next : Request of Vashishtha and Arundhati to Kaushalya

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