Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What is Yoga in Real?

If you think that only body exercise is Yoga it is not absolutely correct. With body exercise yoga has very deep meaning related to soul. Actually it illuminates the soul. With the help of Yoga Mal (defects), Vikshep (Confusion, perplexity) and Avran (Covering) are removed and internal knowledge of soul is awakened. Or you may say that soul is enlighted.

In the countries other than India, common people think that Yoga means exercise of body only. You should think about Jesus Christ, he was also a Yogi. With yoga as well as Ayurveda his eyes had the capacity to remove sickness and sorrow of others. This capacity he gained in India, Kashi. Name of his Yog Guru was Virandi. This is a historical truth. So all of the followers of Christ must follow  the example of the son of god himself 'Tvamev Mata scha pita tvamev'. The god is our father. So we all yogis are sons of god just like Jesus Christ. 

So O dear brothers we should practice the actual Yoga. Only P.T. is not yoga it is Yogic Joging. Come, dear brothers to India and meet Rishis and Munis so that you may illuminate your soul. Actually Swami Dayanand, Vivekananad, Gautam Buddha, Mahaveer, Nanak, Ram, Krishna etc. all followed Vaidic Learning a little or full bit and became famous in the whole world.

Truly Yours
Anubhav Sharma

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