Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Penance of Pregnant Kaushalya 11 : Divya Ram Katha Part 44

Request of Vashishtha and Arundhati to Kaushalya

It was a great fortune of nation to get a Brahmvetta (sage) come to it, more fortune to come to national house. They reached near Kaushalya. Mother Kaushalya gave them three mats. One to king, another to Mother Arundhati and another one to Pitar (ancestor). When they sat on the mats, she touched their feet sequentially and said, "Bhagwan! How my luck arose today? I am much lucky O Bhagwan! Please say, how did you come. With out any pre information, with out any reason." Maharishi Vashishtha Muni said, "Devi you 'Shaantam Brahve Kritaa." She became silent. Maharishi Vashishtha Muni said, "O Divya! O daughter! I want to ask you a question." Kaushalya Ji said, "Whatever order you will give me, I shall accept it respectfully." He said, "O Divya! I have heard it that you are not taking food of the nation." She replied, "No! I am not taking." He said, "Why?" She said, "Because I want to give the birth to a great person from my uterus so that he may pass his life with penance and resignation. This is my desire. I am always keen to it." When she told it, Vashsishtha Muni said, " O 'Brahmane Braha! O Daughter! It's our wish that 'Take the food of nation'." She said, "Prabhu! I will not accept the food of nation, it's my firm determination and this world of god, this one stay in determinations. If this one is the determination (sankalp) of god, this one was the penance of the god. My penance he wished 'Bahudha Brahmah Eko bhudha' this universe changed to stars/planets. O Prabhu! this is the determination of the god. As he fixed the age limit of those planets etc. They will be there, their body will remain till that period. Whether this life wind may stay or move away or the life wind may defile. Prabhu! This world is of determination, and I too will not destroy my own determination.

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