Saturday, January 21, 2012

Student Ram

Student Ram (....Continued)

Once when Lord Ram was studying on Ahilya, Maharishi Bharadwaj came to the laboratory. Maharishi Bharadwaj said, "Say Maharishi Vashishtha Ji what are you doing?" Rishi replied, "Maharaj! we are doing research on Ahilya, we are studying." When Rishi told it, Maharishi Bharadwaj said, "Vashishtha, You will not be able to know Ahilya like it. Come, in my science lab. I shall view you the Ahilya." Bharadwaj had invented an instrument which in the layer's of earth crust, whether it may be in water, sea, it may measure till ten Yojans (Unit of distance), that that one metal is present at that particular place. He showed that instrument. He said Ram, "View in my science-lab." Lord Ram had been studying that learning leaving Maharishi Vashishtha's Ashram in Bharadwaj Muni Ashram for six long months. He knew well Ahilya and tried to know those instruments well.

When in the Ashram of Bharadwaj, Suketa, near Lord Ram, started entering to the womb of Ahilya, started viewing several eatables and minerals that in lower places which eatables and minerals are present on which land? This is fire principle which, in womb of earth, warming up several plants. Taking atoms of water when Brahmcharis invent, then think independently what in the womb of earth is. Which type of living organisms live there. What is in Mars? What is in moon? What is the motion of the life wind in whole world? Counts Suns in milky way. By meditation, after being meditate the waves of mind and vital air leaves in space. As he is flying in the space. How many suns are there? How many Jupiters are there? After knowing the milky way the other comes. Similarly while counting he says that he can not count it.

Lord Ram had this property that he moved to the womb of earth after uniting mind and life wind and used to know it well. He was called saviour of Ahilya - Bhagwan (God) Ram. Ahilya means earth. Lord Ram had studied for six months this Ahilya - Learning in the Ashram of Bharadwaj. Sun rays are also called Ahilya. Lord Ram was too much great scientist that he might know the atoms till ten Yojans in the womb of earth.

Bhagwaan Ram being well mixed in feet of guru, used to touch his feet. The guru blessed him 'Ayushmaan Bhava', O Son! Be Ayushmaan. Your age may be lengthy.

To be continued....

Anubhav Sharma

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