Friday, January 27, 2012

Yajna of Vishwamitra Part 2

Subconscience of Rishi became pleased. Taking Ram and Lakshman he departed from there. Making them student in dense forest, making them leading he rached to the place where Vishwamitra used to perform Yag. Vishwamitra gave them learning of weapons and get them studied learning in full. Because where Vishwamitra was Kshatriya, he was sage, where he was sage, he was super master of archery too. He gave that Learning to Lord Ram. Where he used to perform yag there was a beautiful alter there. Besides it there was a laboratory. He used to move in science, study used to be going on. He showed this to Lord Ram and said, "O Ram! It is my good fortune to bring you here. O Ram! This reign of devil Ravana is diffused everywhere on this earth, it's my desire that you become expert in archery so that you will become destroyer of this much reign.

Lord Ram and Lakshman both said, "O Maharaj we will suppress it. It is our duty. We shall make uplifted the Raghu Dynasty." Lakshman told that "Our ancestors by King Sagar, Bhageerath etc., our dynasty is made great by them. When Kauts Brahmachari needed coins, he made the thought to attack on the Krauhansak region. This thought came in only dreams, he gave millions of coins at once. As a result our dynasty has been great. We shall try to make this dynasty uplifted."  When Lakshman told it the soul of Rishi became full of pleasure. They protected the yajna and studied the archery with mastering it.
Anubhav Sharma 

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