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Patron of Boundaries : Ram


At the age of thirty five years Lord Ram was married to the place of king Janak.

An Idol of Politeness

Politeness has made the place in Ram so that he went to the forests for the order of his parents. He had faith for religion. He knew the secret of religion.

Patron of Boundaries

When Lord Ram  was going on to the forests, at that time minister told, "O Ram! You move to Ayodhya, I came with you to show the way. Do not go to the forests. At that time Lord Ram replied, "I am here in this world to make boundaries. I came from may lives but I dont have any work today remaining. But came here to make only boundaries and I will have to show boundaries. I will have to give this decision that I dont have any hasitation to obey my parents and no problem. That Maryaada Purushottam did it that in the same morning he moved to the forest leaving rest.

Saviour of neglected and poors

The life of Lord Ram was full of faces. He was too great that prosperity of nation and stay of mountains were same for him. Lord Ram when left the nation and accepted the sleeping place of mountains then he accepted a lot of handicappeds. The king had left whom, he accepted them. By accepting Dravidas, passed his life among them.

Obedient Son

When Lord Ram got forest as his stay, Nishad said, "Why are you going to forest leaving your nation?" At that time Ram replied, "O Nishad! Life is very little and we have come to the world to uplift our life. If we move to nation, our intellect may become Rajsi (full of prosperity and ruling), we may perform several sins. So by getting the order of parents we are going to forest. It is our duty to have forest life. If we stay in forest, we shall get something. If we stay in nation, we shall loss our own wealth even. Nishad asked, "Bhagwan! Wh is this  pronounciation so?" He said, "Whoever got the fame in this world, which person became uplifted, philosopher, spiritual, recitor of Vedas, is made while he lived in forest. If I shall love in forest today, my life will become uplifted, Yogic and will go after earning. If I might become a king, my intellect might become national. How much sins I might use to perform. I may perform my tasks with whatever rules, but it is not clear, m sould might be influenced by other unknown souls, it might effect my sub conscience, that O Nishad! In next birth, It is not clear, which organism I might have to be. So O Nishad! I after finishing the period of forest, finshing my duties, shall go to the place from where I came.

O Nidshad!  This is my religion, this is my duty. Whatever order my parents have given, I ought to perfrom it. Today, I am protecting the orders of my parents. This type of situation, a man can attain, only when leave the nation. When he has knowledge, politeness and faith for religion. Without faith for religion he can not get humanity. Without humanity this life is incomplete.

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Anubhav Sharma 

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