Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lord Ram : Maryaada Purushottam

Maryaada Purushottam Bhagwaan Ram

We do not know our own dynasty but we know Lord Ram who was born before eight Lakh years ago because he was great and virtuous and the great deeds are recited in this world.

Now, Eight Lakh (8/10 million) fifty thousands six hundred eighty two years (On 19/10/1965) passed when Lord Ram was born. But we are pronouncing the name of him.

Lord Ram knew twelves kalaas (Arts).

Son of Sagar, Sukhmanjas, son of Sukhmanjas, Virut, Son of Virut Kaddeep, Son of Kaddeep Bhageerath, Son of Bhageerath Dileep, Son of Dileep Raghu, Son of Raghu Aj, Son of Aj Dashrath, Son of Dashrath Ram, Son of Ram Luv Kush, Sudhit of Luv Kush, Mandhut of Sudhit, Kusdhun of Mandhut became king here. Here the dynasty ends.

Maharaja Raghu taking Vanprastha (third part of Aryans' life), with his experience of nation, educated his son Aj. Dashrath was born from Aj. He educated Dashrath. Further this education was given by Maharaj Vashishtha too.

As our custom three marriages is a type of sin. Lord Ram also accepted that our custom of Raghu dynasty, which was continued from King Sagar. In this dynasty Maharaja Aj's son Dashrath in the affection of son, he married three times and moved to inaccuracy (pramaad). As a result the king Ravana's reign was about to spread on whole of the earth.

Student Ram

Lord Ram studied at the place of Maharishi Vashishstha Muni. For approximately thirty years he studied there. Maharishi Vashishtha made three parts of the life of Ram, life of Brahmcharis (celebacy observers). Firstly, for ten years he educated them in speech, promises and etiquette. After it study and in third part practical knowledge and to make their own life in science. He studied archery for ten years and science for ten years and made his knowledge practical.

In the age of Treta there was a laboratory in the Ashram of Vashsishtha Muni where Mata Arundhati and Maharishi Vashishtha both used to teach. There teaching was on planets-stars (Lok-Lokantaras) especially. They made researches on earth too. They to the particles of the earth, by nose, by smell used to decide Ram that on that particular place the taste of crust was biting, sandy, prominent. Different types of particles of earth, decided him on the fore part of tongue. His study used to be that he wanted to know the earth.

Earth is called Vasundhara. This is called Ahilya. The earth which is very hard (like Vajra), is called Ahilya. Such land in which no grain is produced, plants do not produce and is very hard is called Ahilya. Lord Ram had done a great  research on Ahilya.

To be continued....

Anubhav Sharma

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