Sunday, January 22, 2012

Student Ram Part 2

Bhagwaan Ram was holy. He used to pray Indra and used to say, "O Indra! Make me scientist, the features of protecting gods, should be appeared in me in this world. I want to be like gods. In my nation, I do not want to make Indrapuri (kingdom of Indra) even. But I want to make Ram-Rajya. But Bhagwan! I can make it in even that period when shall accept your virtues and my soul shall become stronger and stronger.

Everyday Ram used to recite approximately one thousands gayatri. He used to recite gayatri in his brain not in words of mouth. His practice was too much high that he repeated gayatri thousand times in his brain and at the time of repetation his mind (thinking power) used to be flow in gayatri. Gayatri is called the guru mantra of scholars in our literature. His life was Rishi-life. With celibacy his life had no faults.

Once while explaining actions, Ram asked Vashishtha, "Maharaj! Today an insect was playing in the way. Which type of actions he performed?" Vashishtha told, "From when this creation has started, he has been Indra three times. After being Indra, with their actions, he is insect again." Ram asked, "Maharaj! By which action, he became an insect from Indra." Vashishtha said, "Indra is called that one who performs 101 Ashwamedh Yag. he fights after winning the death. But being Indra who does penance like Rishis, for his own sake 'May anyone swallow your reign' after doing many sins, now he got the reverse uplift. After getting several species of living organisms, after being  Indra three times this soul has origin of an insect.

Once after indicating an insect, Vashishtha Muni told Ram, "One who do not attain celibacy, he get the birth from the origin of an insect. He is getting the birth of insect from three lives.

Guru Vashishtha told Ram, Only that one can know the soul of Par Brahm who stay in the lap of him. It is impossible for a common person to know the soul of par brahm.

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Anubhav Sharma

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