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Yajna of Vishwamitra

Yajna of Vishwamitra

Vishwamitra was performing Yag. To that yajna devils used to come to destroy. Lord Ram, after study of 30 years when came to king Dashrath, after two months even Brahmvetta (sage) Vishwamitra thought 'By Ram-Lakshman of Raghu Dynasty, by both of them let me defile and destroy the devils.' It was not so that Vishwamitra could not destroy them. But he had a feeling 'I want to make high to a kshtriya. I am master of archery. To which I want to some one to give.' Vishwamitra Maharaj had this agony. While walking, when he reached to Maharaja Dashrath in Ayodhya, he left his seat and gave place to Rishi. After that touching the feet Maharaja Dashrath said, "Say if any order for me?" Vashishtha Muni was also present. At that time Maharaj Vishwamitra said, "O Dashrath! Why am I present here, it must be known to you." He said, "I came to your door that I am performing a yag in forest. I want to get my yag finished by bringing your both sons Ram and Laxman.

When he told so, king Dashrath changed himself to delusion and affection and said, "O Vishwamitra! O Bhagwan! It is my duty too to get your yag finished. Do not bring these lovely, ignorant sons. These are really ignorant. It is childhood of them." Vishwamitra said, "O Rajan! I do not want to bring you. There is the need of youngsters there. No need of old ones. King Dashrath started requesting and being silent in delusion and affection. Vishwamitra said, "Dashrath! If it is not your desire, I am leaving reign of you. I shall get my yag finished by another one." The king said, "No Bhagwan! It will not happen."

It was the rule in ancient time when king used to sit on his throne, queens too would sit there in a row. There was their sitting place too. So Kaushalya also was sitting there. When Kaushalya Ji saw it that my husband is in affection then she said, "Bhagwan! Why are you in affection? I have given birth of my son for the day of today. If my son could not get the Yag of Rishi performed, my uterus will become useless. My life will become uplifted only when Ram will get the Rishi yag finished." When Kaushalya Ji said it, Dashrath became silent. Kaushalya Ji said the king, "O Bhagwan! Do you know I have given birth to my son with penance and resignation. I had not taken your tamoguni (feeling of birth and death and ignorance) and rajoguni (Disciplinary and wealthy) food even. My son is beyond it. I did hard work with resignation and penance and by eating that food, I gave the birth to my son. Then silent king said, "When it is your desire, Ram and Lakshman both should go." He gave both Ram and Lakshman to Vishwamitra.

To be continued....

Anubhav Sharma

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