Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Revolution is to be Arisen

Actually in 1947 on August 15 beginning when we got freedom, a power agreement was given to the new prime minister for signature and he signed it; in which 34735 laws through which the Englishmen were ruling our country and robbing it, were transferred as laws of independent Bhaarat. You may review in law books, English acts of the period, earlier to 1947 easily. When we go to court, we do not get the justice because the judges do not have power to give justice, in true. Their hands are tied with those English black rules. They can give orders only as the law books say.

Are we independent then? No, we are not completely independent. We have the freedom of politics only. We do not have the freedom of spirituality, society, culture or wealth.

Approximately 20000 types of materials below earth's crust are found in our India. 89 types of minerals are common such as coal, petroleum, gas, petrol, silver ore, golden ore, gold etc. to which some corrupt officers and members of ruling party etc. use to rob. All the peoples of India have equal right on these minerals because it is democracy here. But the human right is looted by corrupt ones.

In Manu Smriti it is said that a ruler take taxes to save the ruled, in return. But 30 types of taxes are taken from the peoples and the ruling party need not to save the people from terrorism, murders, rapes and injustice. The peoples of India are suffering because of low standard plans of the rulers. So O dear readers the government does not has the authority to take taxes. We shall give tax to whom we feel our true protector.

Brahmarishi Krishnadutta Ji, in Trance has declared that a revolution is to be arisen soon. When a single one will be appointed to kill the other one. According to him (he declared approximately some decades before his salvation, 1992) an incarnation like Ram and Krishna has arrived to this India and it will rise from the back ground of Arya Samaaj. Now we are assured that that particular incarnation is Bhagwaan Swami Ramdev(he will get this designation because of his high actions in this world). 

Anubhav Sharma 

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