Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bhastrica Pranayaam

If we want to do Bhastrica Pranayaam, we should sit folding our legs, erect. Then we should take breath in so deep that our both lungs may fill with fresh air completely and then we should breath out so long so that our lungs become empty fully. This practice repeatedly is called Bhastrica Pranayaam. This makes our body extra energetic and after approximately 30 pranayaams we should breath in and having closed our eyes we should meditate our mind (thinking power of brain) in the forehead. We shall be able to feel over- pleasure for some seconds. This exercise we should do for 5 minutes early in the morning before taking breakfast.

Actually according to science whole blood of our full body passes from heart in one minute completely. When blood moves from heart it takes oxygen (which is attached to RBC, Red Blood Cells) from lungs and transport it to all cells of the whole body through veins. There it reacts with food and releases energy which is then stored in mitochondria. And Carbon Di Oxide gas is released which is transported back to lungs with RBC.

When excess oxygen is taken in this pranayaam for 5 minutes means 5 times the whole blood cells get more oxygen and so more energy is generated in body. So increment in appetite (for need of more food), extra energetic activity is found and our body becomes healthy by this pranayaam.

Our lungs are bladder of Volley Ball and its internal structure is made with honey bee Hive like shells. In general times a little shells are used but in this pranayaam all shells (approximately 70% of all) are used so utilization of non active shells of lungs takes place that is why we become more active. No laziness then will attack us.

It removes a lot of diseases of sickness from our body too. So practice it regularly.

Hidden knowledge of our own conscience also comes to an existence too by all pranayaams. So please do not forget to practice it regularly if you want to make you more and more effective, attractive, energetic and active.

See you in next post soon.

Anubhav Sharma 'Bhavananad'

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