Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What is Religion?

O innocent society! O innocent ruler! It is your duty that existance of differnt several communities must be ended from your nation. This nation of several communities, this nation has a time that fire will arise in it. See, I have memory of several time periods. See there are two sides. I remember, once there a meeting was arranged at the place of Maharishi Bharadwaj and Bharadwaj Muni said this one when the world performs its duty. What is dutifulness? Accept the religion. When I recite the thoughts of gurudev, the thoughts contains this one, several religions must not exist. Religion is a single statement. Modern nation says that we accept several religions. O, you are not accepting different religions, you are busy in the greed of places and designations. Where ever this nation, this society may move, it may move towards fire, but when you describe several religions. O Ruler! See in your nation, when you stay impartial, you say non-religious, then when there is no religion in his nation see there is no dutifulness. That nation is handicapped. I say that one, hadicapped. Several religions? See religion is only one. The religion of eyes is to see with non sinful sight. Viewing with sinful eye is not religion. So see, religion is hidden in every sense organ of a human being. To see with non sinful eye, it is his religion It is religion of eyes. To which community he belongs, which ever human being he may be but see religion is a single one. It is a statement. In olden times I told a statement, if he wants to uplift the nation; but he need not to uplift it; He need to stay himself in designations.

Anubhav Sharma 

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