Saturday, August 25, 2012

Word 'Om' in Quraan/ Alif Laam Meem ( الم)

It is a good news for mohammadans that main name of the supreme power 'Om' is found in Quraan Paak too. Please give attention I am proving it.

On upper corner of Quraan-Paak's every page we see a group of letters 'Alif-Laam-Meem'. Although this group is read not as a word but as seperate letters. But, if we read it as a word it sounds 'om'.

As we know in urdu word 'uddin', which is composed by 'Alif-Laam-Daal-Ye-Noon', combination of Alif-Laam sounds - 'Ou'. So it is the rule of Arbi language that Alif and Laam together makes the sound of 'Ou'. So Alif+Laam+Meem will sound 'Oum' or 'Om'.

So I request every muslim brother and sister to take the word 'Om' as a word of his/her own Quran-Pak's. You need not to hate this word 'om' and I request, we all Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs etc. should accept Yoga by heart in which this word 'Om' is pronounced by heart within mind and by voice too. Dear brothers/sisters you need not to hesitate to say 'Om'. So accept this voice.

Anubhav Sharma

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