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Some Brief Facts about Mughals

In the period of Mahabharat the persons who were there in favour of Kauravas or their followers were called Kuruvanshi Aryans. Son of Grandson of Arjuna, Janmejay left Aryavart (India) because of the murder of a Brahmin that took place in Sarvaang Yaga performed by him, and he went to the west and initialized a new country Junmany. In further age it became Germany. Through this act, some Aryans went to Germany from India that is why resident people of Germany call them Aryans. 

In the age of Jainis, before approximately 2400 years ago, text of our original Ramayana and Mahabharata books were rewritten/changed by Sanskrit scholars - Swati, Renketu, Ramashankar and Chetang in the greed of money. The act was guided by Jaini Kings In which the characters of Ramayana and Mahabharata were made faulty so that, after observing characters faulty, Hindus might accept Jainism or Buddhiusm. And they got success in it too.

Mohammad took birth in a branch of Kuruvanshi Aryans. He married to a widow of age more than him and he attained her place of society and the prosperity she had. Having took birth in a lower, poor family, he saw the dream of being emperor of the whole world. It was to be completed. Making a book he hid it to a hollow of a tree named as 'Aaswati'. After some time, one day, after awaking, he said to his friends and relatives that "The god has come to my dream and said that cut down that particular tree where I have given you a library." They acted the same. When the tree was destroyed, the same book was there in it. All those persons considered it the book of the God himself. And the feelings and the thoughts of Mohammad came to the society. He collected an army and after winning the reigns of his areas, he tried an attempt to win India too. Chief Minister of the King Bhoj, Kali murdered him in the battle that took place. Having desire of winning other countries with the feeling of tamogun (making illiterate, non scholar and poor persons slave of their own desires) or rajogun (making discipline, eating and drinking from other places, Bhog)  is not a good idea. But satogun (to save and protect others) is a good idea. 

The main demerit of of Muslims is that they can not gain ever in the field of spirituality. The person who has taken meat as food once or more is not able to gain in the filed of spirituality ever in his life. There is two type of sciences in the world - Material Science (Science) and Spiritual Science (Aadhyatm). Through material science machines, spares and parts, buildings and all other mediums of prosperity and wealth are gained. While Spiritual science is the science of Sense and working organs, Mind (Thinking power of brain), Mind (Decision making power of the brain), Chitt (sub conscious), Soul and the god. If any human being makes an effort for 50 years in the filed of Material science than the gain of him will be attained through spiritual science within 2 years. Spiritual science is 25 times superior to the Science. Means if a person want to get quick development, he should hold spiritual science with material science, it is very necessary thing.

Ok, When mughals entered to India for the sake of making victory on it, they did not came with their wives. They sneezed sisters, mothers of India forcefully for the purpose. If that ill treating and misconduct is imagined, our hearts thrill. But it is the Time, it came and those misconducting persons  ended at last. If those Yavans had not had misconduct with them, their rule might not have ended here. In fact, I am not requesting  badly with hatred, but as I think, it is my duty to re inform the Hindu sisters of India and I am giving them message not to accept their husband form Muslims. Before it they should think their misconduct, ill policy, way of eating, nature and the book in which they have blind faith and consider it the proof. They must not become a part of Love - Jihaad.  

In real, the pious relation of Marriage, must be there only when virtues, acts and nature matches and spiritual knowledge, science too must match a little if not the whole. The parents gives their daughter to the uplifted, higher family to their own as said in Smritis, Neethis of Hindus, then how it is good to give the daughter to the lowest Yavans, they must stop it and the daughters must also have it in mind while select their husbands. 

At that time, what misconduct, misbehavior the mughals perfoed, I am not telling those hatred words here, but I say the humanity was completely destroyed by them at that time, I want to introduce you. To which book they followed, the modern mughals too follow them likewise; who are filled with misconduct (bad policy), not piousness, bad behavior and they are skillful in snatching the things of others like cat. In that book, the story of behaving to non muslims, if I say is misconducting, as I have read it myself. If any one has any doubt in my words he/she may read himself/herself from Quran. The matter will be clear to them too.

So O Brothers! Sisters! Come back to Vedas! Study Satyarth Prakash, Bhagwat Geeta, Vedas and Upnishads, Chant Gayatri Mala, Chant Om on Mala, Perform Yoga and Know your Soul (Conscious). When you will become aware about your soul, You will believe in past and future births for the souls, Hell and Heaven, and in the rules of the God, Supreme Power.

Strength, Grace, Wealth, Prosperity, Wife, children etc you get, altogether you must enter to the spiritual science a little if not more or whole. And then uplift your society, religion, family, village, town, city and area too.

Anubhav Sharma

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