Friday, February 16, 2018

Punishment Given by Lord Shri Ram


A Punishment Given by Lord Shri Ram (Message to The Prime Minister)

This example is given for the convenience of our Contemporary Respectable Prime Minister and Legal Authorities that no convict must be pardoned with out giving a just and accurate punishment for the sin. A convict must be punished at all.

Tamoguni Penance

So, it is said that the life of Lord Rama was very lovely and broad. But when I see the modern Nation and parents, my conscious wonders. It is coming to my memory, as in the times of Lord Rama a Saint started doing penance and the penance was Tamoguni (a thing that was performed to worry someone or to make violence against for anyone). He was performing the penance to terror, worry some one. Lord Ram destroyed his body with his sharp arrows. He attacked on him with his sharp weapons. See, It spread confusion, unsafe thoughts, in sages, how it happened. They come near to Ram. He said that in a king's reign where persons who terrify, violate others, lives or penance is lost or sages are destroyed, in the nation of that King... So Lord Rama, see, sentenced him to death, gave him punishment. 

So the result of our thoughts, not saying anything special, because adorable Gurudev know it everything, I was discussing about the Nations of Modern ages. Se where there are persons resides who terrify, violate others, lives, how the nation may be stable or long liven. Where there is violence for the sake of the God, See Occasionally, See, it is said the duty of the king, and it is the base Vedic principle of us, for the protection of peoples of the nation, the convict must be punished. And see, through this action, the king should protect the grace, purity, piousness of the scholars, good persons.

From the sermons, in trance, of Brahmchari Krishna Dutt Ji Maharaj (Shringi Rishi Soul)
Book : Treta Kaleen Vigyaan
Page : 53
Vaidic Anusandhaan Samiti (Regd.), Delhi


Brahmchari Anubhav Sharma

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