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Mahaatma Muhammad : Part - 2

Mahaatma Muhammad

In future age it happened that followers of Muhammad attacked this land of India and got victory. Here their reign began. What was acted in that reign I don't want to describe that speech full of disgust. I want to explain you a little that their character, their history show it if they might not have anarchy(arajakta), there were no cause of their departure from here.

What these Yavans did? Snatching the dignity of Mothers (mothers/sisters/daughters/wives of others) making their own effect was their work. The custom of their nation went on. There was not a single Emperor in their dynasty who had been scholar/hermit. who had tried to make the nation  uplifted with his insight to learning. If rest is concerned they reigned for too much long time. Why it was so? It's reasons are the same what we find in modern age. On some places, conflict of languages, at any other place conflict of humanity. Hark! when society becomes selfish, human being use to be dependent certainly. If a human being has his own culture (Sanskriti in actual) , no cause of any kind appears that may demolish our scholasticism.

See here, in the very beginning the followers of Muhammad brought a selfish person Mohammad Gauri. The book made by Muhammad has only one echo and that is 'who do not follow me, kill him.' Have you ever fancied these words? No, Never. Muhammad gave them only a single lesson. Actually, he performed some modifying tasks even. But he gave a statement "who does not accept, look him with the sight of a 'Kaafir' and hatred." What is the reason of it specifically? Non completeness of thoughts and religion. Where religion has non completeness, the feelings do not match. Where feelings, thoughts do not match selfishness does not end. How can the humanity have existence there? Muhammad taught only a lesson, "Be nationalist today, protect the nation." He did not consider the religion as general (with broad mindedness), he considered nation as general. The wars are fighted on the boarders now-a-days with the very feeling of broadness of nation. They all have the voice of Muhammad with them. The selfish persons did not understand their duty well as well as their actions. At any place a person is being killed, and at any other place other is busy in the use of his wealth and worldly things. A mother's dignity is being snatched and other mother is busy in worldly pleasure. The age which further came, when Yavans came here, then as Muhammad married thirteen times, similarly followers of his thoughts, what they acted, moved the world to the lowest by these actions. The mothers, sisters of us used to be very scholar (Vidushi). The ideal of great Seeta was in front of them. But because of vanishing Learning, the learning of Mothers vanished. The Jainis had made to ashes our great libraries and had broadcasted ignorance in the society. To mothers huge pains were given and the misconduct with them, all made this world to the lowest. 

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(A speech by Mahananad Ji, a jeevan Mukt Yogi Soul, pupil of Shrngi Rishil)

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Anubhav Sharma

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  1. Who is responsible for our cowardness? Budha and his great disciple Empror Ashok who destroyed our culture and religious / spiritual aspects; and also made us lazy and coward. A few robbers/looters ( not real fighters or attackers ) came and looted somnath temple seveteen times and we were just staring at them. WHY??? They never wanted to rule us but later we allowed them to rule us and spread or force their ideology of Islam; later, they themselves became lazy and a few traders from Britain who came only for business, they later ruled us and spread their ideology of christianity. Now again with chaotic rulers without ant ideology except greed and selfishness, we are no where; manythings are misunderstood and mistaken when we look at their face value but they are quite different when we evaluate them logically. In the name of religion, to day, so many great Babas/ great Gurus and their missions have appeared with the promise of alleviating our situation. They are only for the expansion of their empires ( followers, ashrams and missions etc.with material values of thousands of crores of Rupees and foreign bank accounts); They are spreading their wings not only in India but all over the confused world.