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Mahaatma Mohammad : Part - 1

Mahaatma Mohammad

Bhagwan! In further time there became a Yavan. In fact, he was definitely a Yavan as you have told in teachings of Vedas. Having taken birth in a very low conditioned house, he had the desire to be a king. Abubakra was his friend but he made him his follower(Antut) and made several ministers pupils. Having made the pupils performed wars and at last he possessed the nation. It was the ignorant age, there was no learning there. Bhagwan! when he became the king he wrote a book and put it inside a tree named 'Aaswaati'. Then he gathered the specifically chosen great peoples of the nation and said, "O Brothers! The God has given me his look and he has given me a library to which I want to make uplifted. Now accept these statements of mine."  He described that tree then. Those peoples cut down the tree and saw that the book was there same as he had said. They believed it. O Gurudev! 'Paahi Manah Vaache' his thoughts that were written in that book opened in front of the  common peoples. They thought it very lovely and accepted the description of Muhammad. So the Yavan (Mohammedan) doctrine established.

He O Bhagwan! started attacking other nations. What a great darkness (ignorance) came to the world! After the period of one month war, Muhammad won the nation of Yunaan. In that war they would fight in day and at the evening he would say the warriors, "O Brothers! You should take the food at night and in whole of the day you must fight." They would eat the food twice at night. They made a community of it. Gurudev! it is a very lovely statement. What should I say? They would pronounce it Roze (fasts). It was the period of war. Those Roze began. Bhagwan! What a time it appeared! You may be feeling a great pain because you have seen the philosophical society in which society a human being gets a huge development.

To whom is called Mahaatma Muhammad, his life was full of nationalism. For killing Yahudis in which nation the tasks were performed, there, Muhammad took birth then. There human being was away from love and used to perform several hateful tasks. Where human beings have the nature to make others their dependents, there any one or some other lovely person definitely enters. But after being a nationalist he moved himself towards hypocrisy. He started delivering hypocrisy. He made a book and put it inside a tree and by any means by fascinating peoples of nation the possession of thoughts of the book was made. When a person holds a nation, possession of that one on the peoples works automatically. I don't see Mahaatma Muhammad with the look of a sage. I use to say Muhammad was a man who was a little reformer for nation but when character and greatness is concerned, or the place of a sage is asked, he does not seem to me charming. I (Mahaatma Mahanand) have been a truth and accurate speaker as a tradition.  Muhammad married thirteen times in his whole life. He had thirteen wives. When first died, the other was entered and so on. He, see, he owned a wife of his far relate son too from family of Kuris for house keeping. Besides a wife already, he married with her yet. That is why I do not accept him charming, good. In further time period, what bad customs his followers had attacked? By which the culture was destroyed.

To which Iran is called there our Maharishi Gautam has lived in his cottage (Ashram). Before Iran, its name was Shwangani. That place was reigned as of Aryans. Similarly to which nation, in modern age, Arab is called; this name is converted by Muhammad. Before it, its name was Shondhetu. Where Maharishi Jaimini would walk generally. The followers of Muhammad started attacking this land of Bhaarat. But at the time of Raja Bhoj, a person named as Kaali destroyed Muhammad, made him dead. Muhammad had wished if "this land of India is possessed and made own nation, then the whole world can be made under our security."

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